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Interview with Boris, Mulondon's "father"


Today i'm very happy because this is my first english interview and because we are going to know more things about a very interesting person: Boris, the man who created Mulondon brand. But he is here because he is a blogger and many other things too. Let´s meet Boris.

And this is misterious Boris' face. I thought he should be older...

* Hi, Boris. As my first English-speaking guest, please answer the following question: "Why inspired you to create your blog at ?"

As you know, I make 100% organic and natural skincare product. That is a lifestyle that I have chosen, as it makes me feel good; it's much more than just a business to me. I wanted to be able to share my thoughts and feelings on the issues I'm passionate about with my website visitors and customers, and that's how the blog came about.

mulondon-natural-organic-vegan-skincare These logos make me feel safe and i read "quality"

In my blog I write about different topics - exciting vegan foods and ingredients that I have discovered, like yuzu(a Japanese citrus fruit), Matamis na Bao (a yummy coconut milk spread from The Philippines) or aluminium-free bicarbonate of soda(amazing for upset stomachs!).

I am political at times, and have covered the mining of metals in Congo, which helps fund the arms trade. These metals are used in all mobile phones, and it's what makes them vibrate. I started a petition on to ask all large mobile phone manufacturers to stop sourcing their supplies from areas where they could be supporting the arms trade. I have written for Blog Action Day, covering the use of DDT, which was once a norm, but is now recognised as poison.

When I discovered the WWF and Oxfam's involvement with Monsanto, I was shocked - so that was a theme of one of my blog posts.

I have also written about the difference between the terms "natural" and "organic" - something that a lot of people have a hard time understanding; and about the dangers of GM foods.

And - of course - I write about skincare. I do not use any preservatives or man-made chemicals when I make MuLondon products. I do not think that we need preservatives in everything, and I have blogged about chemicals in skincare products. The healing power of Shea butter, which is the base for all my moisturisers, has been scientifically proven and that was the theme for another blog post.

I also experiment a lot with different ingredients and formulas, and I try everything on myself. So when it was time for my holiday to Spain and I needed a sunscreen, I decided to make my own, with 100% natural ingredients and see how that would work. Read more about that, and learn how to make your own sunscreen (it's easy!) on my blog.

OMG, and you are a young man :O

* I know you like Spain. What do you enjoy doing when you spend your holidays here?

I usually go to the Canaries. You know you're going to get fantastic weather whenever you go. I love to sunbathe, swim and play in the sand. Shopping is good, too, but there are no pure vegetarian restaurants, and choices for vegans are very limited there. Fortunately, you have lots of nice, fresh veggies, delicious olive oil and chickpeas (garbanzos). It's amazing what you can cook up with just a couple of ingredients! I also love, love, love Almendrina. It's a fantastic, yummy sweet and smooth almond paste from Spain that everybody should try. I'm so happy that there's now an organic version, too! I have written about Almedrina on my blog.

I love the nature and the architecture, and I love to take photos of the buildings, the plants and the animals on the island.

I love Almendrina too. Here in Spain we can buy it at Mercadona, Hipercor and at some natural food shops.

* Do you live with pets?

I have a cat who is very cute and really, really naughty. She's a scratchy little predator. Legs beware! I love animals and so my cat is fed a cruelty-free diet. Lucky for us in the UK, there's a British company called Benevo that makes a complete, cruelty-free cat and dog food ( I've heard arguments that it's not "natural", but how natural is it for a cat to eat beef, pork or even fish? Cats do not hunt fish or large mammals in the wild; they feed on insects, small birds and vermin. I've never seen cat food based on these things. The most important things is that she loves her food, and that it contains everything she needs; without artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

* I always try to explain to people that they can get healthy skin and colourful make-up without causing pain to animals. PETA likes your creams and you carry their logo, you must be proud of that. Could you please explain to our readers why it's healthy using natural and eco-friendly cosmetics?

I am extremely proud to be registered by both PETA and The Vegan Society. I have always believed that you can care for you skin much better with natural, safe and mild ingredients. It's better for the body and for the environment. There really is no need to test anything on animals. It's pointless as we really do not need thousands of new ingredients that even though that may test as safe on animals, can still be toxic to humans.

Using all-natural ingredients is so much better long-term. To me, the health and moral implications of using organic, natural and cruelty-free products are a given. It just makes sense!

mulondon-organic-rose-cream I'm really in love with Organic Rose Cream

Just smell something made with pure, organic Lavender or Rose oil that has not been sprayed with pesticides - it's full of fresh, deep fragrance that is more alive, potent and vibrant than anything else. As you said - just try it out and see. You'll never go back to using chemical-laden stuff.

Check out my hand-made, all-natural skincare line at and connect with me via Facebook or twitter for special offers, discounts, new product announcements and health & beauty tips.

That's a great truth, from de beggining to the end. I'm in love with Organic Rose Cream, it seems you created it just for me. Incredible !

Thank you very much by spending your time with this enterview, i know you are very busy. And if you decide change one summer sunny Canarias for cluody Asturias, tell me, i would like to meet you in person.

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  1. FANTASTIC INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!! We are fans of Mulondon! Gracias por dejarnos conocer de cerca al papá de esta gran marca, es un placer saber sobre él y sus motivaciones...
    Agradecerte también tu gran trabajo y la entrevista en inglés, que así practicamos un poquito! :)
    Y es cierto... yo también pensaba que Boris era mayor! :)

  2. Wow congratulations it´s a really interesting interview and you can be really proud of your result. I dindn´t know Mulondon but thanks of you I´m learning a lot of interesting thinks =^.^=

  3. Adri, i wrote two reviews, about Mulondon Rose cream and Marigold cream, on Potiholic ;). If you wish, i'll tell you the URLs . In fact, i met Boris when i became a Mulondon's customer :)